Academic painter František Leták

Academic painter František Leták was born in 1949 in Usti and abroad Labem. He had been living in Litoměřice since 1953. It was the love of drawing that, in 1966, brought him to the Secondary Industrial School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov, where he chose the department of glass painting, shaping and sticking. A year after his graduation in 1971, he applied for the study at the Academy of Art Sciences with Professor František Jiroudek and devoted his attention to landscape painting studied restoration with Professor R. Ondráček and figural paintings with Professor K. Souček. He concluded his studies in 1977.

Today, František Leták lives and creates in our capital Prague. He paints landscapes, still-life and his great love – Prague, motives of Prague. He exhibits his art in many galleries in the Czech Republic and abroad – such as Japan, Greece, Cyprus, etc.